I feel retarded for not figuring this out before. I didnt know you could add medals, i thought the big well known groups could add them, but after seeing many shitty games use them, i found out how to add them. Ill use them in my next game, probably with a scoreboard too

Im gonna do something a little different. Ill take a step back from making levels, instead, focusing on mechanics. Im experimenting on a different take of the famous game "pong", mixing it with platformer controls and guns... Ill make a little prototype

Learn, practice and most importantly IMPROVE. The game got a 3 out of 5 (6/10) which is not bad... but I want more. I definitely learned a lot of things with this game and its reviews. Im now working on a future game.

Hadaka Ninja is out now!

2018-02-27 14:28:27 by CitizenGoose

I just published my first game, Hadaka Ninja! Please, go check it out and leave a review!

Tomorrow I shall release my grand masterpice, my first game. Its a platformer game similar to meat boy... and youre a ninja! Hadaka Nija is the title, and the game is kinda bizzare... just like me! There is no staright progression, story or any of that unecesary nonsence, because if you are bored and came to newgrounds, you aint looking for a deep stroy with unlockables and all that! Youre here for some quick, fast paced, accesable action. You have direct acces to every level from the getgo. As of now, there are 9 levels, I will add more; so by launch,  expect around 14 at launch. 

Im making a game!

2018-02-25 13:11:08 by CitizenGoose

Hi all I made an intro post on the forums and i dont know if anyone will see this post, so screw it. Im making a game about a ninja that goes around doing goofy stuff and  i dont wanna say anything else. When it comes out, please, please... IM BEGGING YOU RATE AND COMMENT OR I'LL KILL YOU AND YOUR DOG.